Who we are

Connecting Content, Customers and Communicators 

This is what we are passionate about. This is how we enable impactful and effective advertising experiences.

Relevance. At the core of our mission is the belief that relevance is key. By bringing together advertising content that resonates with specific media contexts and targeted audiences, we create a powerful synergy that benefits everyone involved – a true win-win-win situation.

Native and innovative. Our approach is centered around Native Advertising, which we consider our spearhead solution. Native Advertising seamlessly integrates into the user experience, making it both relevant and non-intrusive. By adapting to the consumer's content, it adds value by informing and enriching the user's experience, making it more engaging and less disruptive. And solutions like Virtual Out-of-Home (in-game) advertising allow us to open innovative ways to expand this effect.

Facilitate and empower. Our primary focus is to facilitate and empower our international media partners, agency partners, and advertiser partners to leverage these services effectively. We understand that achieving key performance indicators (KPIs) and growing their businesses are essential goals for our partners. With our proven experience and support, they can confidently navigate the digital advertising landscape and thrive in a dynamic market.

Swiss and global. While our focus is on growing your business in Switzerland, we also service campaigns for the global market. Our solutions encompass advertising strategies for local engagement, including native advertising and virtual out-of-the-home advertising. Additionally, we provide solutions for engaging customers on a global scale through content-connected advertising.

In conclusion, we are dedicated to being the bridge that connects advertisers, agencies, and media brands with their customers. Our focus on Native Advertising and relevant content ensures that consumers have a positive experience while achieving the business objectives of all involved parties. Whether you are looking to make an impact locally or expand your reach worldwide, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Let's create advertising experiences that matter, together.



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